Kumanii Foundation

Kumanii Foundation Kumanii Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by a select group of people who believe in the importance of both biodiversity and cultural diversity for life to flourish on our planet.

Our mission is to protect the environment as well as the traditional culture of communities located near Ecuador’s sensitive natural areas. We accomplish this through sustainable development projects such as ecotourism, agro-forestry, forest management, rescue/protection of native flora and fauna, environmental education and health services.

In particular, by encouraging cultural and ecological tourism in sensitive natural areas, we provide a sustainable development alternative for traditional peoples which allows them to improve their quality of life without sacrificing their land or heritage. We work directly with volunteers and other non-profit organizations to support local communities in an integral approach to development, concentrating on specific problems from conservation to health and education.

Main Office

Address: Selva Alegre Oe5-70 y Miguel y Solier, Quito, ECUADOR
E-Mail: info@kumanii.org
Telephone: (593-2) 222-5620
Fax: (593-2) 290-6192

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