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Lodge Kumanii Thank you for sharing your time with our organization.
If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, desire more information or simply would like to send us your comments, please fill out one of the comment cards below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you again!

Main Office

Selva Alegre Oe5-70 y Miguel y Solier, Quito, ECUADOR
Telephone: (593-2) 222 5620
Fax: (593-2) 290 6192

Our associates are happy to be of service:

Jenny Chavez F. (Spanish)
Telephones: (593-2) 222 5620
Quito, Ecuador

Patricio Gaybor S. (Spanish, English)
Cell: (593) 9984-2256
Quito, Ecuador

Alyssa Luboff. (English, Spanish, French)
Telephones: (1-818) 360 1038
California, USA

Verónica de Vetter (Spanish, German, French, English)
Teléfono: (43-1) 9254525
Viena - Austria

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