The Lodge

Lodge Most of Ecuador is covered by tropical forest, such as the Chocó on the Pacific Coast and the Amazon in the east. You will find tantalizing destinations, exotic panoramas and native communities that have lived for centuries in harmony with their surroundings.

Located on the banks of the Rio Cayapas near the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological reserve, Kumanii Lodge offers a cultural and ecological experience like none else. “Kumanii” is a Chachi word meaning, “a welcome person, friend or family.” We work together with nearly a dozen Chachi and Afro-Ecuadorian communities to provide tourists with a complete experience of the rainforest, from participating in traditional dance to visiting the fields and virgin forest. Those who love nature, adventure and culture will find an interactive experience that teaches them to see, hear, taste and feel the world in a new way.

The lodge is built in the style of traditional Chachi dwellings, in continuity with its environment and the surrounding villages, using native forest materials such as bamboo, palm and fine woods like Chanul. There are three beautiful cabins providing all the necessary services: comfortable single and double rooms, private and shared bathrooms with hot running water, a restaurant serving local and international specialties, terraces with hammocks for resting, a bar and common room. The lodge can accommodate up to 24 guests. We have direct radio communications with Quito and a station equipped with first aid supplies for any emergency.

The staff who work at the lodge are members of the local Chachi and Afro-Ecuadorian communities who have been trained in hotel management, tourism and customer service.

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