Ecotourism At Kumanii, we are dedicated to ecotourism because we believe it is a responsible alternative which teaches visitors to understand natural history by sharing in the experiences of local communities and respecting their native culture, without impacting the ecosystem.

The Chocó, our primary area of operation, is one of three key ecological regions in Ecuador. Located in the northern coast throughout the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve and its zone of influence, this region possesses great biological and cultural diversity, aside from being one of the rainiest places on earth.

In this natural paradise, you will find an incomparable experience, enjoying in one-of-a-kind tourist attractions in different villages, each with its own community ecotourism project.

These initiatives provide economic alternatives for the communities which allow them
to protect their tropical rainforest. Proceeds from the projects go towards development and social programs.

Along the banks of the Rio Cayapas, the Afro-Esmeraldan and Chachi centers of Zapallo Grande, Corriente Grande, San Miguel, Santa Maria and Telembi form our area of tourist exploration. These communities sustain themselves primarily through agriculture, hunting and gathering. For centuries, the Chachi remained isolated from Western culture, maintaining their native language and ancestral traditions. They are experts weavers using natural forest fibers. The Afro-Ecuadorian communities live in family groups primarily dedicated to agriculture, hunting, fishing and obtaining other products from the forest. With a history dating back more than 400 years, their relationship tot he forest is expressed through music, legends and folklore.

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